3. so so loving this. I will peel pack our walls one day.

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  6. This is a fantastic 1940’s Gilt Wheat sheaf table. It is a fantastic statement piece that is a design icon.
    Wheat sheafs have been very inspirational to designers, especially to Coco Chanel who used the sheaf
    in both her home and fashion design. Chanel had these tables in her apartment on Rue Cambon.

    The glass table top is not the original and has a few small surface scratches. There is wear to the gilt and a few bends to some of the sheafs.
    It is though a strong table ready for use.

  7. Acrylic letters now in store £18 each.

  8. such a huge fan of Kate Mccgwire’s work

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  9. lovely page from Elle Decoration Country.

  10. We finally had a weekend off and what a weekend it was!!!!

  11. What!!!  one of my favorite Grand Designs is for sale and it is beautiful and ridiculously over my kinda price range but hey if you have £4,750,000 and need a pad in London this may be for you. Its a fantastic building, the decor is not my taste but hey whenever looking at a house do you look at that.


  12. swoon

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  15. To have a conservatory like this one day attached to my home would be a dream.

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